Broken Restored 4-22-18 Church Can Be Better with Tim Rule

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Doesn't it seem like everywhere you look, there is something that just doesn't work. Our car, the garbage disposal, marriage, family, work/career....even our faith community.

What do we do with all of the brokenness around us? Where do we go for hope, for healing for a true restoration, to see things become the way they were meant to be?

This spring we are looking at broken things and taking them to God and asking, how can we experience the restoration we are hoping for.

Essential: Vision of Jesus People 3-18-18

Jesus spent years with His disciples teaching and preaching, healing and working miracles. They watched Jesus in every part of life, learned a culture, a set of values, caught a vision for God’s plan for them.

When Jesus was preparing for the end He got laser focused with His disciples about the work he was leaving them for, the kind of community they were called to be. This month as we lead up to Easter we will be looking at the mission of God in the world and how we can participate as Redemption Hill.

Everyday People: Our Finances and Jesus 1-28-18

What does it look like to have every part of our lives shaped in the way of Jesus? Where in your life is there a discrepancy between what you say and what you do? How do you move forward in those areas? Join us this winter to learn together to walk in the way of Jesus, every day.

The Essential Jesus: Life (11-12-17)

We all want to get beyond our hangups, our prejudice and see the real thing. Who was this historical Jesus and what did He say? What did He do? What does it mean for us today. Studying John Chapter 11

Finding Your Way Back To God: Awakening to Regret (9-17-17)

Sermon Series based on book by Dave and Jon Ferguson "Finding Your Way Back to God" Get a free copy by sending an email to

Most of us would say we believe in God. Maybe at one time you even felt close to Him. Then life just got in the way, and you drifted. But now something is missing Wherever you’re from, whatever your past hurts, shame, or regrets might be, whether you call yourself Christian or not, you have something deep inside you that longs for a connection with God. It is part of being human. Join us for our series, Finding Your Way Back to God.

What's next for Redemption Hill?

Thanks for coming a taking a look at!

There is a lot going on with our church start-up here in Boise but the biggest right now is that we are having monthly preview services throughout the spring, starting with Sunday February 26th at 4pm at First Baptist Church Boise.

If you'd like more info about the preview services drop us a note