Sometimes a second look helps you see what is really there.

We all know that first impressions will forever shape how we experience a person.

Unfortunately, for many of us, our first impression of God was a person claiming to represent God.

What if what we know about God is all wrong because those people who introduced us to God didn't really know anything?

We are working to strip away the baggage, the religious dogma, the 'alternative facts' about Jesus so we can discover Him again for the first time.

Maybe there is more to the story than we heard from our Sunday school teachers, our great-aunt Ida's and the TV preachers.

Jesus claimed that God was love, and everyone who knew God would embody that kind of love.

What if that were true? What if we could be those kind of people?

This is the God that we want to know, and the teacher that we want to follow. The God who embodies love and shows us how to be that kind of love.

I guess now is the time to see for ourselves, to give Jesus a second look and see what is really there.

Redemption Hill is a new faith community in Boise that started fall of 2017. We'd love to have you join us for a second look at Jesus.

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